Games and applications

At Unphayzed, we create fun and interesting mobile games and applications, usually for both iOS and Android Devices. 

Below, you will find a list of games and applications that have been created by Unphayzed. Please feel free to download our applications and send us any questions or problems you encounter while using them.

dr. dino

Avoid extinction with the smartest dinosaur on the planet, Dr. Dino.

All it takes is two fingers! 

Doge falling meteors and collecting Dr. Dino’s cool inventions to become the first and only T-Rex to avoid extinction. 

Dr. Dino is a fun endless runner game that is guaranteed to help you pass the time and, sometimes, rage quit. Your quest to survive awaits. Will you accept it?

Dr. Dino Power-Ups (5-second duration):

1. Chill Out:
This power-up reduces the speed at which meteors fall at.
2. Dr. Droid:
This power-up turns Dr. Dino into an android and makes Dr. Dino indestructible.
3. Gotta Blast:
This power-up doubles Dr. Dino’s movement speed.

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