How Will Quarantine Affect Your Body Weight

how will quarantine affect your body weight?

Loosing weight naturally

Although you may not physically notice, you do loose weight by breathing alone. In fact, based on your current weight, breathing can burn between 25 to 35 calories every 30 minutes. 

25 to 35 calories may seem minuscule right now, but it begins to add up over time. If you think about it, you burn the same amount of calories in a slice of roasted turkey every 30 minutes. that is 48 slices of turkey every single day!

Now, if we focus on physical weight, there are roughly 3500 calories in 1 pound. Therefore, you should be able to burn about 1440 calories every day or roughly 0.411 pounds.

If we look at this from a purely mathematical standpoint, regarding the need to eat or recommended nutrient intakes, then you should be able to loose 2.9 pounds every week or 11.4 pounds every month!

Factoring in daily foods

However, because all living beings require some form of food to survive, including animals, humans, and plants, loosing weight during quarantine won’t be so easy.

If we reference the current recommendations for calorie intakes every day, it is best that a person eat 2000 calories every single day.

Because we now that we burn 1440 calories a day by breathing, we gain 560 calories or 0.16 pounds everyday. That is 1.12 pounds a week and 4.5 pounds a month.

adding the effect of exercise

If you want to burn that extra 560 calories, the you have to exercise, which may not be the easiest thin for most people. 

If you go for a 1 hour walk, you could burn about 600 calories. Walking and running are one of the best ways of burning calories.

If you compare that to sit ups, you can burn 6 calories for every minute you do sit ups or 360 calories per hour. if you look at push ups, every minute burns 7 calories while every hour burns 420 calories.

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