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Unphayzed, LLC is a business dedicated to educating students of all ages by creating informational videos, products, and posts. We create devices that help students use and master scientific concepts. Our posts teach readers how better use those concepts in their scientific devices. We make videos that cover scientific concepts and allow viewers to master those concepts at Unphayzed, LLC.

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At Unphayzed, LLC, we create high quality kits for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics based competitions as well as other devices to help young scientists and engineers master various scientific concepts. To ensure the greatest performance, we at Unphayzed, LLC create all products are both handcrafted and utilize innovative 3D printing technology and premium metals, carbon fiber, and wood to create durable and high quality devices.

At Unphayzed, LLC, we produce videos that help you learn about science, engineering and technology and master anything science related

If you want to watch videos from Unphayzed, LLC, click the button below or visit our YouTube channel because we post new videos about science, technology, and engineering every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Our mission

At Unphayzed, LLC, we aim to help students,and science enthusiasts better grasp scientific concepts through educational videos, models, and contraptions. We value education through physical applications to allow people to innovate upon current solutions to daily problems

At Unphayzed, LLC, we post a new article about various scientific concepts and competitions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you are interested, please click the link below to visit our posts directory to see all of our articles.

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